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Anyone in or near Ottawa, Canada interested in learning more about Jiulong Baguazhang (martial, health or both), sign up for news of Jiulong Baguazhang in Ottawa and upcoming seminars by emailing me with the subject "Bagua" to:

sandytr at (remove the spaces and replace the at with a @)

October 2018
Slowly getting my site in order

Hi all, first and most importantly, thank you. If after all these years of no updates, you have landed here and are wondering, yes I'm back and updating this site.

Much has happened since my last update, but I needed to devote my energies differently and last February, achieved my "Shizi" certification as a teacher of a satellite school in Ottawa. So while I will be updating this site, my main focus will be to create pages for the Ottawa school for the next few months. If you're in or near Ottawa and are interested in classes, please contact me.

Wishing you all the best!

Shizi Sandra Troster Diaz

April 23, 2010
More to come - but first, news of the Tai Chi Gala and Gathering of the Circle!

Hi all, first and most importantly, this is to let you know about a great internal martial arts Festival that includes pre- and post- Festival workshops with something for every serious internal martial arts students, and a taste of different things for beginners and students alike!

June 4-6: The Tai Chi Gala is a smorgabord of internal arts seminars where you literally pick and choose which seminars you prefer to attend - there are more choices than time to take them all! If you want more, come a few days earlier for the pre-Festival workshops as well on June 2-3 (more details on their website, www.TaiChiGala. com).

June 7-11: a full week of Jiulong Baguazhang with Dr. John P. Painter, my Shifu - for an amazing and unforgettable 'real deal' - experience for yourself the amazing art upon which all of my experiences on this web site are based.

For more information and/or to register for the Festival and/or the Gathering, please go to:
www.TaiChiGala. com

Sandy T.
February 15, 2010
Back to regular postings

Hi all, I have so much news, so little time... am looking for ways to update quickly. You can also find me on Facebook "Sandy Troster" for quick updates. The latest news for 2010 - anyone interested in joining practise sessions in Ottawa, we meet twice a month at the Bronson Centre from 7pm to 9pm. Also, I am continuing my training to get teacher certification and am in my 2nd year of teacher training. Having said that, time means nothing to my teacher, it's skill that counts. So when I'm ready, that's when I'll be certified. The good news is, I'm persistent!

- Sandy T.
January 2, 2010
New link

www.TaiChiGala. com

- Sandy T.
August 2009
Updates finally underway - including pictures!

Photo' Gallery updated today - I finally have the right tools to update again. More to follow over the next 2 days, this was the 'test run'. :)

- Sandy T.
01 February 2009
January 2009 intensive training at the Gompa

The Journals updated today - I liked it so much in June'08 I was back in Jan'09.

- Sandy T.
4 August 2008

More thoughts on the June trip to the Gompa

The Journals updated today with some thoughts and themes of my Gompa experience.

Web site update note - photo issues

Still struggling with the photos, and there really aren't that many! So with my apologies, this may take a few weeks to sort out...

- Sandy T.
21 July 2008

More thoughts on the June trip to the Gompa

The Journals updated today with a story of one of the teachings from the Gompa.

Web site update note

Web site updates have slowed due to my lack of progress in improving the quality of pictures taken at the Gompa. There are only a few but I'd like to get them uploaded, but I have to resize and recolour them and so far, the edits look worse than the originals. I am planning to devote more time to them this weekend and hope to at least have one or two done by Sunday!

- Sandy T.
01 July 2008

Web site cleanup and update

All pages updated with current copyright information. Biggest update was on:
Links page, which is now current including all certified instructors who have existing web sites.

- Sandy T.
29 June 2008

Report on a trip to the Gompa for personal intensive training in June 2008

The Journals updated today -- my first posting and general comments about a great week of training.

- Sandy T.
18 November 2007

I'm back!

The Journals updated today -- and will be from now, on a weekly basis. Please stay tuned as I discuss current and past challenges. Hope to "see" you next week!

- Sandy T.
28 November 2006

Still updating...

Links page updated today.

- Sandy T.
13 November 2006

A years' worth of news... and then some!

For anyone just finding this page, or for anyone still patient enough to be checking back here (thank you!) ... updates will recommence this Sunday, November 19, 2006. I'll not only give the highlights of the past year (including a personal move to Ottawa and the Toronto study group finding a permanent space), but will also provide highlights of the new and exciting teaching methods now being used to improve students' learning of this wonderful martial art.

Thanks for stopping by - news to follow this weekend :)

- Sandy T.

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