The Dragon Journals
The Dragon Journals

My Story - 1999/2000 First Year at Playing Bagua

  • Chapter 1: Finding the Road.
    I must admit to having always had a fascination with martial arts. However, since I am admittedly highly cynical in nature and suspicious of anything over-hyped, none of the "Karate Kid" schools held my interest. Read More...

  • Chapter 2: The Journey Begins.
    It would be lovely to say that "well, now you've found it and you'll treasure it always" but even Aunt Martha's precious, irreplaceable diamond ring finally was lost forever. Read More...

  • Chapter 3: Practise, Practise, Practise!
    So, I was taught how to sit (quietly, trying to think of nothing. If that sounds easy, try it yourself). And then how to stand (back straight, head upright not tilted, shoulders down, knees unlocked, weight on balls of feet, ...) and Read More...

  • Chapter 4: More Practise.
    The most awful word in the English language must be the word "practise". It gives rise to images of drudgery, your mum's voice shouting from one end of the house to the other "have you practised..."Read More...

  • Chapter 5: Health Benefits - My Personal Experience.
    Although I did not begin learning this art for health reasons, I have certainly gained so many health benefits that I've forgotten most of them. Let's face it, most of us take good health for granted and so don't realise what we have until we lose it..Read More...

  • Chapter 6: A Martial Art.
    Have you ever seen the film, "The Ultimate Warrior"? It's a cheesy B-movie made in 1975 which starred Yul Brynner and Max von Sydow in some "future" timeline which appears to be a post-holocaust society..Read More...

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