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3rd October 2001

Founder's Day
Just a quick note to tell you about the launch today of my Shifu's new website (see link at top of this page), and to give a bit of history about Founder's Day. Since I don't want to recreate something that has been told much better than I can tell it, I will quote from an e-mail received from Sihings Eric and Neil regarding Founder's Day:

"In the Nine Dragon Arts, Oct. 3 is the day the founding fathers of the art are honored. It is a time to pay a small homage to the lineage of individuals who handed down the knowledge we are learning. This is not a religious observance but just simply a formal way to remember the masters and renew one's commitment to study. [...]

"Here is some more detail about Founder's Day.

October 3rd is a very special day in the arts and history of Daoqiquan. According to legend handed down by Dr. Painter's teacher, over 300 years ago in the province of Szechwan, China the art of Daoqiquan began and was developed by a Taoist monk. The monk, originally from Tibet, was known as Lama Sitsang Hsueh. It is said that the kindly Lama taught the children of the Li family his art composed of the fundamental principles of Taijiquan,Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, Philosophy, and the four virtues to live by:


Once, on the Lama's birthday, the children brought him flowers picked from a field. The Lama used their gift to teach a great lesson. He asked the children to come back each day and observe the beauty of the flowers as they wilted. On the seventh day he told them that all people were like these flowers; when they are cut off from the source of their inner life (Qi), they also perish before their time. Each year during the week of October 3, students of the Daoqiquan school, present and past, celebrate the founding of the art and pay respects to the founder by bringing the gift of a cut flower and a card bearing a good wish for the school to the Gompa, placing it on the "Place of the Ancestors" as a reminder to them that life is precious and not to be wasted in idle or worthless pursuits. There is no religious significance attached to this in any way. It is merely a reminder to ourselves of our desire to be one with nature and our inner selves through the self-discipline and study of this art. [...]"

8th October 2001

Thanksgiving Day, 11:10 p.m.
Long weekend, Founder's Day weekend at the Gompa (for SGL's and invited senior students only), and also Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada.

I am now looking forward to my move on a daily basis; perhaps with a good gym nearby and the opportunity to set up my own training area, there may be hope for me to train martially yet! It's been a stressful week and the (holiday) weekend did not help; unpleasant but necessary tasks at the office followed by family gathering (am I truly related to these people?) at which I was insulted and yet managed to remain polite. Well, remain at the gathering without storming out, anyway. On Thursday I am going to a memorial service. My goal this week? Just to keep practising, quiet sitting and quiet standing most of all. I'll let you know how it goes...

11th October 2001

Just before midnight...
Class tonight was brilliant, absolutely brill.

I am practising but need to practise longer, and at regular hours. Will try early evening, I am too busy sleeping on a morning *grin* ... speaking of which - night night!

21st October 2001

Sunday afternoon, 4:30 p.m.
Qi gong class is now Saturday mornings, 9-10am. It will mean not sleeping longer on Saturdays, but might be a good idea to start early anyway *smile*.

Martial class now once weekly on Thursday evenings, which will be also possible depending on class location. Maybe also need to coordinate work hours to start and end later on a Friday, we'll see... Classes last week both good, I have some new areas on which to focus when training "ba" step and some old areas to reinforce training in flying dragon qigong (where to put intent when walking lower, middle and upper dantien (sp?)). Trying to practise daily, packing house too, a bit much but that's why the website has suffered *smile*. Hope to get back on track in November!

31st October 2001

Happy Hallowe'en!
Moved in on Monday... and Tuesday... and still unpacking! What is it about moving that brings out the worst??? Grrrrr... Nice house though *smile* Not only is there room enough in the basement to practise (as soon as we're unpacked that is), but there are 18 trees in the yard. :)

Have a great Hallowe'en.


10th - 11th November 2001

Workshop Weekend
Notes / comments re: workshop to follow shortly. Photo gallery will be updated as well, stay tuned, I have fallen behind in this diary!

18th November 2001

Sunday, time to update site and share some additional thoughts
Additional thoughts arising after weekend will be added here, with any luck actually ON Nov. 18 *smile*


16th December 2001

After a long hiatus... another hiatus?
Too much work, not enough practise, must be December! Don't become an Accountant unless you're ready to write off December and January free time ;)

Dr. Painter is scheduled to be in Toronto soon again, this coming January, and will be giving a session in "Tibetan Yoga". I am sure to need relaxation exercises following this coming yearend, and as usual the highest level of work-related stress immediately follows the highest level of social stress - Christmas holidays.

Now there's a holiday I can't comprehend. To celebrate the birth of a Christian God as man, we follow the ancient Druidic tradition of honouring a tree. To further honour the God born in poverty, we wallow in excessive food and drink, and exchange gifts with each other, purchased from whichever vendor has the best Christmas display in the window. Because we are so busy trying to be of good cheer, and in a rush to accomplish all this good cheer prior to an established deadline, we are offended by others rushing past - 'hey, watch out, I'm busy trying to do something nice for you, the least you could do is appreciate it.' What a season! Hope I get lots of pressies *grin*... now then, who cares about pressies when you have loved ones!

Can you tell I need to meditate? Right then I may not be able to update this journal until after the holiday season, but I hope you find your holidays to be truly relaxing, enjoyable and of good cheer. Me, I'll be ok, I'm going to meditate now :)

24th December 2001

For all those who celebrate it: wishing you a wonderful Christmas.

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