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Your Comments -

I have received various comments from visitors to this site over the past three years. Thank You!! I thought I would share a few with you:

"... Hi there. I've recently started reading your dragon journals. I just wanted to say a quick "thank you" for sharing your thoughts on your martial art as well as your views on life in general. It's inspirational in a quiet sort of way... I've started looking into Bagua here in Sydney but without much luck at this stage. I'll be reading in future (if it was a book I'd buy it!) Thank you! ... --Thomas [last name edited by webmaster] (from Australia!!)"

"... Sandy, I love your site, and I am glad to read a little of your journal and story. Your journal is a little inspiring and I am thinking that I will do something similar. I am new to martial Arts but I am thinking of taking up the Juilong Bagwa Zhang. If I decide that it will work for me, I will attend the Weekend classes in March. If not then, I will select some other type of Pakua. But my leaning is toward the Juilong system at this time. If that is become the final decision then maybe we will meet at one of the functions some time(oh well). I liked visiting your site and I will try to visit it again. I am glad that you have it up. --Les"

"... My teachers are now prepairing us (me and fellow students) for training in Baqua ... reading about your experiences was both fun and educational and once more convinced me that i to have found the way although i've just barely scratched the surface. keep up the good work and i'll recommend this site to my friends ..." --Pim

"... You know the entry where you say you were disappointed about that guy grabbing your $5 bill. Well the way I see it is this. Sure you were taken by surprise but then it was only a $5 bill. If he'd have grabbed your arm or if you had felt really threatened he'd have probably regretted saying what he did. It's like the time a guy at work grabbed me. I felt slightly threatened so I threw him over my shoulder so fast a friend stood next to me even commented. Yet other times when a friend was using me for boxing target, although he never hit me, I was useless. Basically what I'm saying is don't be disappointed even the best martial artists get taken by surprise but ultimately your training would have kicked in and he'd would have regretted his action. .... Jon" (England)

"Excellent site! I've already added you to our links Page. I enjoyed your site so much I made it site of the month! Regards, --Fred" Ba Gua Zhang Resource Site

"... Dr. Painter has been a good friend ... you're lucky to be studying with chinese parlance.. 'his eyes are very high' ... John" Dr. John Baker

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