The Dragon Journals
The Dragon Journals

My Story - Chapter One : Finding The Road.

I must admit to having always had a fascination with martial arts. However, since I am admittedly highly cynical in nature and suspicious of anything over-hyped, none of the "Karate Kid" schools held my interest. I was even less impressed by my sister's 3-month stint with Judo for a college fitness class, although I readily admit I would not go anywhere near my sister during those few months. As a result, my participation is somewhat of an accident and it all started in our local pub... after a few too many beers...

Isn't that how it always starts?

Anyway, on this particular night the man and I had (as usual) visited our local pub, for a pint or so, and to be friendly with the locals. We had taken to striking up conversations with the various "regulars" as we enjoyed the atmosphere of the pub, and the people there seemed fairly relaxed (bit of an oddity in Toronto, that). During one of these 'getting to know you' sessions with a bloke named Neil, he asked my man for his opinion on the design of a newsletter he had prepared. Of course, when this all transpired I was in the washroom so when I returned, I caught the tail end of the conversation.

"...F*CK the design, what the H*LL is this?!"

Yes, those are the words that started it all. We were invited to attend a class or two because as it turned out, Neil was (at that time) assisting in the instruction of a certain, not very well known, martial art that also included a health practise. This eventually proved invaluable to me. Who knew?

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