The Dragon Journals
The Dragon Journals

This is Me, This is My Journey - Author's Note

Welcome to my homepage. Someone once visited this site and called me "Mystery Woman" *grin*... but with sincere apologies for the previous oversight, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sandy, and this website reflects my personal interest and journey ... please read on to learn more!

Having had the possibility of creating a page for some years now, I have been loathe to share my personal life (oh look, yet another self-centred homepage!) with non-interested strangers and as a result, had no ideas on what I could possibly contribute. Until now - I have found an art which has had an immeasurable positive impact on my life. I would like to share my journey with you as I am still very new on this road, and I hope you will find my travels interesting enough to read on... who knows, you may be inspired to begin a similar journey of your own!

Here you may find a few facts about me, how I found the Internet, and the art that has inspired me to finally create this site.

Me Aged 3 AdultMe
Yes, that's really a photo of me (on the left), at approximately age 3. Since I believe that, in certain ways, we should never grow up, (photo to the right) it seemed appropriate. We must remember how to play!

How I Found the Internet

In the spring of 1996, I bought myself a BIG present. This is not something I usually do, as I can't usually justify "frivolous spending", not even to myself. However, after many years of studies, including a few hardships survived, I finally received my CGA (professional accounting) designation in 1995, so I had earned this present.

It was a P120 with 16 meg of RAM - whoo hoo! I was rockin', I was rollin', I had no money left to go out at night so I went online (sad, but true).

After many months of "surfing the 'Net", making virtual friends in chat rooms and just generally plunging into the Internet experience, I finally surfaced back into the "real world" with a better appreciation of the impact of new technology. I had actually made a few new friends IRL ("in real life" - yes I learned loads of acronyms -) and found a new way to keep in touch with my relatives in Germany and elsewhere.

Today, I still communicate heavily via e-mail both at work and at home. To save time, my banking is online and I order books and other merchandise from trusted online resources. I still occasionally use the internet for entertainment, but mostly for information and assistance. With this new website, I hope to use it to help promote a martial art which is amazing, yet unfortunately relatively unknown. I hope my small efforts will help not only the art, but bring people to it who may benefit from it.

The Art that Inspires Me

I'll be honest; I've always had an interest in Martial Arts. However, the film "The Karate Kid" did make one valid point: many martial arts are watered-down versions of something learned from a friend of a friend who wasn't quite sure and so made up a few things along the way. The virtues of the Eastern philosophy which are integral to martial arts always seemed to me to be only given a superficial nod.

Therefore, the appeal of an art where the "main man" (Shifu) had inherited not only a martial art but three, had in fact learned an entire family system which included, among other skills, acupressure, calligraphy - well, it is obvious that would appeal to me.

I didn't actually know if I'd be able to do it. With an ongoing deterioration of muscle-nerve connectivity, it seemed like I might have to eventually give it up. However, I don't give up easily and I certainly wasn't going to allow anything to stop me from trying.

Lucky me! I wasn't aware of the health side of the art, although Qigong is beginning to become known here. As I have continued with this art, my health situation has improved (as described in detail in Part One of my story). Please take some time, bookmark my site, grab a coffee or tea and bikkies, and enjoy the read. I've had and am having a fascinating journey, please join me on my trip down this road...

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