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The Dragon Journals

Overview - An Undiluted System.

Wind Palm Application This art is an internal martial art, which means that it usually falls under a "kung fu" and "internal" listing, but more importantly, it relies more on skill than on power alone.

It has been said that Baguazhang is the deadliest of all the Chinese martial arts.

The art which I practise, Jiulong Baguazhang™, is part of the Li family system which was taught to our Shifu, Dr. John P. Painter, by the last family member master of Daoqiquan: Li, Longdao. As such, it is a system undiluted by politics, turmoil, or any of the other events which have sadly caused so much of the Chinese martial arts to be lost. For details of the history, please visit the link below and click on "history".

A great deal of the effectiveness of this art arises from its emphasis on the internal aspects of training (think of sitting quietly as a way of calming your mind and senses so as to be more aware of what is happening both in and around you, then learning to affect that). However, Jiulong Baguazhang™ does not use this internal focus to ignore or negate physical strength but rather the best artists incorporate both. In 2008, I am working on both my strength and internal skills, but never in the same training session because my focus for each is different.

For more information on the history and learning aspects of this art, please see links from experts below. Enjoy your visit!


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